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When your child is an infant, she is apt to be receptive to anything you decide to read to her. The newspaper? Your to-do list? The board book your aunt just sent in the mail? No worries, your baby is happy just to hear your voice and snuggle. Before long, however, you might notice that your little one has an opinion. She has a favorite book and she wants you to read it to her again, and again, and again. And again. You start to worry... Shouldn't I try to expose her to something new? We're trying to read 1,000 books by kindergarten. Can I keep writing the same book on the list over and over? No worries! Repetition is one of the best ways for your child to learn. If you are keeping a list of the books you read, record it each time you read it! You'll be surprised when she "reads" it to you (or to the cat)!

P.S. When you are reading her favorite story for the seemingly 1,000th time, don't try to skip a page or a line... she'll know!

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