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Experts agree that the best way to help children become successful readers is to read to them— a lot!  When parents and caregivers make reading aloud a daily habit from birth, children enter kindergarten ready to read, AND ready to succeed in the years to come. Our books, are designed to foster a love of reading and to offer encouragement and support on your child's magical journey to becoming a reader! Bon voyage!

Explore our books, blog, and resources to foster early-literacy skills for your child!

Martha Zschock
Read to Me! Martha Day Zschock 1000 Books Between Birth and Kindergarten
Read to Me! Martha Day Zschock 1000 Books

Our books make great gifts for new parents and baby showers!

1000 Books Between Birth and Kindergarten, Read to Me!, Martha Zschock

Our books are perfect for librarians, day care providers, and pre-school teachers to help educate parents on the importance of reading to their little ones!

Martha Zschock, 1000 Books
1000 Books Reading Log, Martha Zschock

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Read to Me!
Martha Day Zschock

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