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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can we read this one again?... 

Just one more time?


What if my child wants to read the same book over and over again?


Every time you read the book, it counts! It's typical for children to want to read their favorite book over and over. Research shows that children benefit from repetition.  Soon your child will be reading the book to you!


Do stories that my child listens to on a device count?


Yes!  Books that your child listens to on an ipad, eReader, computer, cd player, or other device count.  Stories heard on a device are fun for children and many books have actors who read the stories.  Children love to hear the reader's voice change with the characters.  Children will benefit most, however, when you or a caregiver read to them.


My child is always on the move.  How will we ever reach 1,000 books when he won't sit still for one?


It sounds like you have a toddler!  Toddlers are on the move and have short attention spans, but don't give up on your 1,000 book goal!  You don't have to finish the book in one sitting for it to count.  Just mark your place and finish when your child is ready.  Even though your child is moving and appears not to be paying attention, it's ok to keep reading— he is listening! Toddlers also like an element of surprise.  Pretend that a stuffed animal is reading the book or try singing the story to your child! Try reading after active periods.  Tired children are more apt to want to snuggle and this is a perfect time to read!


Can I count books that are read to my child in school or by a daycare provider?


Yes!  Every book that your child hears counts.  1,000 is a big goal!  Enlist the help of others to help your child reach it!  Your child will have fun reading with grandparents, siblings, aunts, and uncles as well. Books that your child hears at library storytimes count too!


I'm not sure which books my child will like best. What can I do to find stories that my child will like?


Choosing the right books for your child is the key to success!  For babies, books with bright colors, shapes, rhymes, and simple text work best. Board books are perfect for babies and toddlers who like to put things in their mouths. Toddlers are on the go, short books are a must! Preschoolers are usually able to listen to longer stories and may be ready for picture books. Librarians, teachers, daycare providers, pediatricians, and book sellers can also offer suggestions based on your child's interests.  


My child isn't a baby anymore. Is it too late to start?


It's never too late to start a good habit! Experts agree that reading aloud is the best way to prepare children to become readers themselves. Your child will benefit no matter when you start.  Children's books are short and you'll be surprised at how quickly they add up! Children begin developing pre-reading skills at birth.  You are your child's first (and favorite) teacher and chances are you have already done a lot to prepare your little one to become a reader without even realizing it!  Children develop pre-reading skills through everyday experiences like reading, playing, singing, talking, and writing. Our Read to Me! My First Reading Log offers tips to incorporate learning into everyday activites!


I am not fluent in English.  Should I try to read to my child in English anyway? 


Read and speak to your child in the language you know best. Children learn more when they hear language spoken fluently.


Where can I find more information about preparing my child for kindergarten?


Check out our blog and facebook page for helpful suggestions, information, and ideas about getting your little one ready to read!  Our Read to Me! My First Reading Log  offers helpful tips about how you can develop pre-reading skills through everyday activities.  


How will I know if my child is ready for kindergarten?


All children grow and learn at different rates, and no two are alike.  This is important for parents and caregivers to remember when they are trying to evaluate whether or not their child is ready for school.  Our Read to Me! My First Reading Log includes a general guideline, but it is best to check with your child's future school to find out their specific requirements and expectations.  If you have concerns about your child's development, speak with your pediatrician, school, or daycare provider who can help you find the right support.


How can I find out more about starting a "1,000 Books Challenge" program at my preschool or library?


1,000 Books Challenge programs are a fun way to encourage families to read LOTS of books to their children before they enter school. Click here for information about how you can start a program in your library or preschool!


Thank you for your interest! If you have not found your question answered, please contact us here and we will try to help!


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