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1000 Books by Kindergarten, Read to Me!, 1000 Book Challenge, Martha Zschock

1,000 Books Challenges are a wonderful way to encourage families to read to their young children!

Just like setting a reading goal of 1,000 books, the idea of starting a "1,000 Books Challenge" program may seem daunting at first, but don't let that stop you! Your time and efforts will be well rewarded. Encouraging families to read to their little ones in order to prepare them for school is a lasting gift you can give to the children you serve. It can be quite simple, and it's a lot of fun!

Our books and resources are designed to help to make your

"1,000 Books Challenge" program easy and successful!

Tips for Success!

Find volunteers to help

You will find that many people are willing to donate their time and efforts to programs that support children, families, and literacy. Parents, teachers, high school students, and retirees are often willing to lend a hand in setting up different parts of your program from reading to children, hanging up posters, keeping track of families who sign up, and helping out at events.


Ask for donations

Education is always a good investment. Companies,organizations, foundations, and nonprofits are usually willing to help. Look for local groups in your area for funding. Rotaries, businesses, and clubs can help fund your program. If an organization is unable to fund the program directly, they may be able to help you with fundraising. Ask if local businesses would be willing to put a donation jar on their counters. Community service groups may be willing to take on the project as well.

Build excitement!

Spread the word to create excitement about your program! Ask local businesses to post fliers, contact your local paper, start a facebook group to help promote your program. Local parent bloggers may also be willing to help with promotion.


Create a launch day

Choose a day to launch your program and make it an event to celebrate! This doesn't have to be expensive. Ask local businesses to donate snacks. Ask volunteers to help during your event. High school students may be willing to do simple face painting or put on a puppet show. Find local authors to share their books. Keep it simple but fun!


Keep them coming back!

Keep families motivated to keep reading. Offering simple, inexpensive rewards will help keep your readers on track. Ask families to bring their log books in after every 200 books they have read. Every couple of months, host a "1,000 Books" storytime. This is a great way to let new families sign up and help current families add to their list! This is also a good time to share reading tips with parents. If your school or library sends out a newsletter, ask if you can include updates and news about your program.


Recognize participation

Creating a bulletin board that charts reading progress is a fun way to celebrate reading and encourage new families to sign up. Take pictures of the children when they sign up and when they complete the program. Some libraries trace the child's hand and add stickers after every 100 books.


Celebrate Success!

Reading 1,000 books is a big accomplishment— It's time to celebrate! For a free printable certificate for your little readers, contact us here!


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