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My Reading Story: Martha Zschock

Did I hear one thousand books by the time I went to kindergarten? Yes, I think I did! Our parents and grandparents were avid readers, and they read to my twin sister and me a lot. What I loved most about the books were the pictures, and I still remember them vividly. I recall choosing picture books even when I "should" have graduated to chapter books!

As a teacher of grades 1-3, I saw a vast difference between children who had been read to frequently before they entered school, and those who hadn't. I wrote my first book, "Journey Around Cape Cod from A to Z," in order to help teach the children in my class about discoveries in their own backyards. I have since created many more books that take children on "field trips" to all sorts of special places. I love it when children make a connection to places through my illustrations.

As a parent, I read to my children a lot. It was a way to relax with them, and to be honest, it was the only time when they weren't moving! At the time, I thought this was a little selfish, however, it turns out it wasn't. It was magical! They benefitted tremendously from those early books. We built a foundation for success when they entered school, and had many wonderful adventures right in our living room!

About a year ago, I was asked by a local library to help design a 1,000 Books early literacy program. I jumped at the chance! As an educator, parent, and author this was right up my alley! I became so excited about the benefits of the program, and wanted to support efforts that encourage early- literacy development that I created "Read to Me!," a board book celebrating the benefits and special bonds formed when you snuggle up and read to your child. I also created a companion reading log so parents everywhere could join the challenge and help make reading a habit. I hope reading together will help foster the loving bonds for your family that it did for mine! Happy Reading!

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