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Read to Me! 1000 Books By Kindergarten Martha Day Zschock

Read to Me!


Read to Me!, by Martha Day Zschock, is our brand-new board book that celebrates the wonder, joy, and just plain old fun of reading aloud to your child. Written in rhyming text and beautifully illustrated, readers will identify with Baby and Mama Bird, as they develop a love of reading through their shared experiences. We hope Read to Me! will find a place on your library list of favorites, and become part of your treasured memories, of happy times spent reading and bonding with your child.


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"On so many levels Martha Zschock's Read to Me! is a must-have book for every young child. From the captivating illustrations to the cleverly rhymed prose, the message is clear and inviting. What a wonderfu enticement to begin the journey of becoming a lifelong reader. " —Nancy Meagher, Reading Specialist

"Martha Day Zschock has created a charming book that speaks to the power of reading to young children. The whimsical illustrations combined with the rhyming text capture a child's interest, involving them in adventures reading takes us all on. Read to Me! instills a love of reading in children at an early age, and provides families with the opportunity to recognize shared reading as a loving, emotional bond, an extension of what family is all about. As a retired educator, I know this book would be a staple in my classroom, always available for students to read along with, to explore, and to let their imaginations soar." —MJ Keenan, educator

"Your Baby Birds will love this cheerful board book!" —Loree Griffin Burns, Ph.D., scientist, writer, speaker

1000 Books By Kindergarten, Read to Me!, Martha Day Zschock

Read to Me!

My First Reading Log

1000 Books Before Kindergarten, Read to Me!, Martha Zschock
1000 Books By Kindergarten Reading Log, Martha Day Zchock
Read to Me! 1000 Books By Kindergarten, reading log

read, record, repeat, read, record, repeat 

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Are you up for a challenge?  Commit to reading 1,000 books before your child enters kindergarten! Our My First Reading Log is a fun way to encourage families to read frequently to their little ones before they enter school. When you make reading aloud a daily habit from birth, your child will enter school ready to read, AND ready to succeed. Our log offers tips to enhance your reading and learning experiences, including how to incorporate reading readiness activities into your child's everyday life.  


As you record the books that you read,  you are creating a tangible memory of this special time spent together. Have fun, snuggle up, open a book and start today!

Reading Log

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